All right, I have to share this story with you….

I have turned into the person that I use to make fun of when I was growing up. I always use to wondered why people would sit in malls and on benches in the middle of towns and just sit in these places and watch people. I always use to think that it would be so boring to do that, but now…..I LOVE doing that. People are so entertaining!!!!!
This past week I was out on the road from Thursday to Sunday, but I had Saturday off and got to hang out and enjoy the town I was in. I went to Walmart early in the day to pick up a few things and thought I would get Subway for lunch which was just inside of Walmart. I ordered my sub and was checking out and was totally entertained by the guy ordering behind me. He was so specific with what he wanted. The meat had to be folded opposite of the piece next to it, the tomatoes could not overlap, but it was ok for them to touch, and then…….this guy said, and I quote “I hate olives, but I want you to put one in somewhere in my sandwich, so eating it will be fun. I’ll spit that bite out, but it just makes it fun”.
I usually have no problem keeping my laughter to myself, but I do think I laughed out loud when he said that. It was very funny.
Now how do you think God looks at us sometimes? What kind of things do each of us do that is just dumb, crazy or things that make God laugh. I know I have a ton of things in my life alone that most people would laugh at. I do enjoy watching people and how different we all are and how different God has made all of us. I know God has a sense of humor.
The ministry is doing well. We have been very blessed to have schedule a lot of concerts this past month for next year’s tours, and the calls keep coming in. We have had some really good concerts the last few weeks and are looking forward to some good ones coming up. And most importantly, God continues to use this ministry every day to led people to Him. Over 430 have made decisions so far this year. Praise God for those eternal lives, Praise God for His continued blessings and Praise God for His sense of humor.

Thanks for your time,