September is here and I’m torn between being excited and being bummed. You see, September means that everyone starts to come out of their summer mode and things start to get real busy for us in the office and on the road. The other side of things is that our kids go back to school, and we get a lot less family time. Kelli and I are happy that the kids are getting an education, but we do enjoy doing a lot together as a family. Maybe Kelli and I can start home schooling and teach the kids more gooder then what thems get at there school. Hahahaha!!
September will be a very busy month for us in the office while we book concerts for the ’16 and ’17 calendar years and finalize all the arrangements for the rest of this year’s concerts. Concerts this month will be good, but there is not very many of them. Starting in October we will begin to start up our typical busy schedule on the road.
Please continue to pray that God will continue to use this ministry to reach as many people as He wants us to. Pray we never miss an opportunity to share the Gospel, and pray that we can stay out of God’s way and let Him lead us every day and in every way.

Thank you so much for your prayers and your time,