What a difference a week and several hundred miles makes. This morning I shoveled snow off my driveway as the wind was blowing a lot of snow in my face and taking my breath away. Just last week, I was down south in Florida, Georgia and the Carolina’s enjoying warm weather. Like I said…what a difference a week and several hundred miles makes.
The south was a blessing to us. We had great concerts and saw God do work in people’s lives. One of the things I really enjoy about traveling is the diversity and differences that I get to see. Just this past tour alone I was blessed to play in a tiny little church with a handful of people, and then a few days later, I was in front of several thousands playing at a large church. Not only was I in different church sizes, but different denominations, different climates, different kinds of people, and different styles of worship. Even with all those differences, I get to meet and work with some really great people that love the Lord – and that’s the best part.
I have about 10 more days at home with a few shows close by in Pennsylvania, and then I head out west for a few weeks. I’ll start in Oregon, then work into California, Arizona and end the trip in Oklahoma. If you’re anywhere close by any of these upcoming concerts, be sure to check out specifics on our “tour schedule” and come out and see us.
I love going to the west coast and I am looking forward to what God will do in that tour. Please keep this ministry in your prayers as I am away from my family and on the road.
Thanks for your time and for your prayers.