I hope you all had a great Memorial Day weekend and had the opportunity to go to a service that honored our fallen soldiers that gave it all so we can live in this awesome country.
A lot of band and other ministries seem to get very busy during the summer months, but we are a little different. I can’t say we do it on purpose, but our summers are usually not full of tours but just long weekends and a 3-4 day trip here and there, but just not any long tours. Most of our tours are in January through April and then mid-September through December. I’m not complaining at all because it allows us to get caught up on phone calls, booking and getting some projects done. But the greatest benefit of slower summers is spending more family time together when the kids are out of school. This should be a GREAT summer!!!
Please check out our schedule and come see a show when we are close by you. Please also pray for this ministry as we continue to use the trumpets to spread the Gospel all around this world.