I have done concerts in so many places – and I really do enjoy what I get to do, but there are some places we go that I just don’t understand why we are there. I had a recent experience at a church that I just don’t know why we were there. The concert was fine, they responded well, but no one really seemed to react to the challenge and invitation towards the end of the concert. We finished the concert, packed up and drove home. The whole drive home I was just thinking that the entire day was sort of a waste in some ways. It seemed like I was just an entertainer for that day.
A few days went by and I received a call from a woman that had attended the concert with her husband. It was the first time in 10 years that he went to church. A day or two after the concert, he began to ask his wife a few questions about things that I had said at the concert. Within a few minutes, she got to lead him to the Lord.
I have no idea what it was that I said, or what song may have touched him, but what I do know is that God can use ANY situation for His glory. I am so thankful for the blessing to be His servant.

I hope you all got to celebrate and had a great 4th of July.

Thank you for your time and prayers,