For the past few weeks, I have been saying something in my concerts that some people have been joking with me about after the shows. I have been saying that I don’t consider myself a “trumpet player”, but I do consider myself a messenger of the Gospel and I use the trumpet as a tool to spread the Gospel. I feel that so many people these days want to be labeled or have a title. They want to have a “Dr.” before their name, or be recognized for what they are doing/have done in life. I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with that, but my biggest goal in life is to spread the Gospel, not playing the trumpet.

God has continued to bless this ministry in so many ways. We are seeing so many people receive Christ and turn their lives around to Him. At one of my more recent concerts, I had an older gentleman hand a bag of drugs to the pastor right after the concert saying that he wanted to get back to God and get his life on track. We have also seen little kids running to the altar because they are so excited to know Christ. All of those things are not because of the trumpet, but because of the Gospel.

My prayer today is that I can stay out of the way and let God use this ministry to continue to do awesome things. I pray that I can be more useful to Him than I ever have been, and I pray that He will bless this ministry to do His work.

Kelli and the kids are doing very well. Kaitlin has started a new job and is enjoying it. She wants to save her money so she can go back to college and not have debt because of school. Chase is very excited that this is his last year in high school. And Ryan and Brooke are enjoying their new school year so far. Kelli has been able to come out on the road with me a few times this summer including a trip to DC. I really enjoy having her on the road with me.

Thank you for your prayers for this ministry our family and for checking in. I hope to see you at a concert very soon.