I often wonder if anyone (other than my mom) actually reads these updates. In talking with a few people recently, I have been encouraged because they have commented about something I had posted on our updates. Some of these updates may not have much content in them – they are just a simple update, but we are very encouraged that this ministry still touches people’s lives, even when I don’t have a horn in my hands.
Sometimes when I’m home, there are days where it seems like all that I deal with is bills, finances, fixing things around the house, and fixing the equipment we travel with. Then, I have to pack and get ready to leave my family for several days/weeks. It is definitely hard sometimes. I am not complaining or trying to sound like a downer because I REALLY love what I do, but I just want to show you how a simple compliment or a bit of encouragement from somebody can change your day – or even your week. My week has been “OK” so far, but I have dealt with a quite a few financial challenges, scheduling challenges, and yes – I had to deal with a not so friendly person about an upcoming concert. I know that everyone has been discouraged at times, or felt overwhelmed with life in general, but it is amazing how you can show God’s love through a simple word of encouragement or compliment – just like I got from a few people about these updates.
Whether you’re at the grocery store, at work, or even at church this week, be sure to compliment and encourage someone. Showing and spreading God’s love is what we are to do in every possible way that we can. I guarantee you that it will change someone’s day and it will brighten your day as well.
Thanks to my mom (hahaha) and everyone else that reads these updates and checks in from time to time.