DECEMBER IS HERE!!!! This time of year is so much fun. People seem to be nicer, places are decorated, and Christmas music is playing everywhere. The only complaint that I have (and maybe it’s just in our house) is that it seems my wife watches nothing on TV except for the predictable, sappy, long, drawn out ……… Hallmark movies that use fake snow and seem to have made a lot of money making movies based off of three story lines. Do I need to continue????? I certainly don’t mind sitting beside her and watching one of these movies once in a while, but when it is all she watches -it’s rough!! Thank goodness I love to spend time with her. Besides, they make for good nap times! Hahaha!

We have a full December schedule with lots of Christmas concerts in Pennsylvania, and New Jersey – as well as some private event concerts. Be sure to check out our concert schedule, and if we are near you, come out and see the show. Our Christmas concerts are a lot of fun with music for all ages.

As the year starts to come to the end, we want to thank all of you who have supported our ministry. Your prayers and your support have been a big part of seeing almost 1600 people dedicate their lives to Christ at our concerts so far this year. As I always say, it is not about the numbers, but about God using us in awesome ways to spread His love. Thank you God, for allowing us to serve You another year!!

Thank you for your time. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and your family.