January has been a good month for us in the office. We have been blessed to get caught up on office work and booking concerts since we fell behind from a busy fall and holiday season. We still have a few holes left in this year’s calendar, but should have those filled soon.
For those of you that have read my last few updates, I have to come to you as a very humbled man. The last update I bragged about how I was planning on beating, actually I think the words I used was “horrible beat Kaitlin” in our annual Monopoly game. Well we didn’t get a chance to play during our holiday break, but managed to play a few weeks ago, needless to say………..I did not win. I was NOT expecting that. I will get her next year!!
I am getting ready to head down south for a quick 10 day tour in the Carolina’s, Georgia and Florida. A lot of the concerts are not public events but there are a few that are open to the public, so be sure to check out the schedule and come see us if we are close to you.
Thank you for checking in and for your time.