I am sitting in a hotel in Missouri right now about half way through a two week tour. So far this has been a great tour and I am looking forward to God using us for the next week up in Iowa and Michigan. I am always amazed how God works in all different situations, as long as I stay out of the way.
I have been on the road basically my whole life. This is what I know. It stinks being away from my family all the time, but we are all use to it and make due. This trip is a little harder for me because Brooke (our youngest: 10 years old) made me a folder of notes to which I am supposed to open a different note each day. She really spent a lot of time on these too. They aren’t just an “I love you dad” kind of thing. Some are poems, picture and just letters of encouragement. How cool is that. It makes me feel so special and I can’t wait to get home and hug her like crazy.
I am so over whelmed some days with the blessing God has given us. I feel like I have the coolest job in the world and the greatest family backing me up. I certainly don’t want to sound like everything in my life is perfect and great, because we definitely have our struggles. All I want to say is, thank you God for what you give us every day. And even though I would love to be home with my family, I thank you for these opportunities all over the world and ask that you continually use this ministry and us to further Your Kingdom. Amen.
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Thanks for your time,