Instead of doing my traditional “update” on the ministry, I thought I would just share a quick thought. After the recent tragedy in Vegas, I have found myself going through a lot of thoughts and emotions. First, I am not a person that likes to miss much, so I find myself wishing I could have been there to help out, or to be able to help to stop the carnage. I also feel a TON of anger. How could we as human beings come to this point?
I don’t get on social media that much, but have been fascinated by people’s commentary and thoughts on this tragedy. It seems like no matter what someone says, it is often met by someone else’s thoughts or criticism. Everyone wants to say something that matters; they want to say something that people will remember. Well, I guess I’m not any different because I want to say something that people will remember too. What I want to say is no different than what I have been saying for most of my life. It is a word and message that the victims need to hear, and it’s a message that the man who did this terrible thing needed to hear.
The message is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is a message that is the same yesterday, today and forever. It is a message that could have kept this tragedy from happening. I may not have been able to be to in Vegas to help stop the massacre, and I wasn’t able to be there to help the victims, but I know what I have to do. I have to share the love and the Gospel of Jesus Christ more than I ever have. It is a message that is for EVERYONE.
If you don’t like what this world has become, if you don’t like to watch the news because it’s so depressing, if you are discussed with things going on around you and around the world, start to fix it by doing the best and most important thing you can – spread the Gospel. If that seems like a “small” thing to do, then you don’t know the power and the promises that are in a relationship with Christ. Be bold, be loving, and go share the Message of Jesus Christ with as many people as you can.
We may not be able to stop the “next thing” in this world, but we can make a difference in the people’s lives that we come in contact with. Imagine what we would be talking about today if someone would have shared the Gospel with the gun man before he committed this act. The Gospel has the power to change people’s lives.
I hope and pray that we will all have the opportunity to change this world buy sharing the Love of Christ.

Thank you for your time,