A few nights ago was the State Of The Union address to let us know how we are doing as a country. So to stay relevant……..here is our “State Of The Ministry” !!

Things are ok !! We have been very busy in the office this past month scheduling concerts and filling up the calendar. We have one or two small holes to fill in 2018, but most of our bookings right now are for 2019 and 2020. We began a new method of getting people connected with a local church when they accept Christ at the concerts and in the last 4-5 months since it has been in place, we have seen a huge difference from where we were before and people are now getting connected to someone or a church in their area.
With over 1700 people receiving Christ at the concerts last year, we are not looking to “beat “ that amount this year, but looking for God to continue to use this ministry and bless us to be as of effective as we can.
Even though concerts are going well and we are scheduling concerts way ahead, we still find ourselves always tight with finances. God always provides, but we can always use a few new donors.
I’m very excited to be working on some new music and hope to have it ready and using it in concerts very soon.

As always, I ask that you pray for this ministry in everything we do, and be sure to check out our concert schedule for when we are close to you and come out and see us.

Thank you for your time,