I have been in ministry for 36-37 years and have been playing my trumpets for over 40 years. My first “public” performance was when I was 7 years old. I played at my home church in Altoona, PA. A few weeks after that, I was invited to play at the Port Matilda United Methodist Church where Pastor Sabas was leading that congregation. Pastor Sabas later became part of our ministry advisory board and helped lead us into full time ministry. Through the years he has pastored at a few different churches and I have been blessed to be at all of them.

This past weekend, I had the opportunity to minister with him again in Tamaqua, PA. What a blessing, not only to this ministry, but to me personally to have served with him again. Many years have passed since that first concert, but in some ways, it seems like just yesterday. It was not only great seeing Pastor Sabas again, but it was an awesome time spent with his congregation.

Last weekend I was ministering in Tamaqua, Pa and this weekend I’m headed to Cathedral City, CA! God is so awesome to allow us to serve.

I am thankful for friends of this ministry like Pastor Sabas, and to all of you that check in, as well as those of you who support and pray for this ministry. Thank you so much !!!

Thank you for your time,