We just got back from a little ten day tour in the mid-west. I would love to say it was an awesome trip, but that would be a lie. The morning (3:45 am) I had to leave for a chapel service in Ohio, the trailer was blowing fuses on the truck and I couldn’t find the problem fast enough, so I left the trailer at home, drove to the chapel service in Ohio, played and drove the whole way back home. It took me a few hours to find a tiny little wire shorting out between the walls of the trailer. After that, it was back to Ohio for concerts the next day.
I wish that was it……Leaving Ohio two days later, the tire blew on the trailer, ripped the wheel well off as well as the electrical wires for the side marker lights and once again, shorted out the trailer. I got the spare on and finished my trip for the day and made it to my first concert in Indiana. The next day, I got tires and fixed the short. A few days after that I got a wheel well and fixed that in Wisconsin.
I am not telling you this story to focus on all of the junk that happened, but to tell you about the awesome victories that happened in the concerts. On that ten day trip, God blessed in an awesome way and we saw 18 people come to the Lord.
Some of these tours we do go so well from start to finish, but others seem to be a lot rougher than others and you just feel like you’re getting punched in the gut every day. But when God uses the music and us to deliver the Gospel and see people saved, it is 100% worth every blown tire, electrical short and days with no sleep.
I love seeing God work in every situation!!

Please join us in a HUGE prayer need right now. Our health insurance is up for renewal in August and has jumped in price over $1000 per month. That is not even a consideration for us, so we are shopping for a new carrier that will meet our needs. Please join us and pray we will find something soon and in our budget.

Thank you so much for your time and for supporting this ministry.