I love holidays, I really do, but sometimes they frustrate me. I think my frustration with holidays isn’t so much about the holiday itself as much as it is with people. You see, I get frustrated with people that need a holiday to remind them about what that holiday is all about. Take Valentine’s Day for example, I should NOT need one day a year to remind me to go out of my way to treat my wife extra special. Getting her flowers, a card, holding the door open, and simply spending uninterrupted time with her should happen all of the time – not just on Valentine’s Day. The same goes with the 4th of July. Why do we need one day a year to help us be patriotic? We live in the best country in the world and I am extremely proud of our country and want to celebrate that all the time.
And then there are the two biggest holidays – Christmas and Easter. Why in the world do some people only go to church on those two holidays? Why do they only give God two days out of the entire year? Maybe that doesn’t apply to you, but how often do you truly think of what Christ did on the Cross for you and I? On Christmas day, how often do you think about the greatest gift that was given to us – Gods one and only Son, Jesus Christ?
Yesterday was the first 4th of July that I had off in 29 years. I had an AWESOME time with my family and friends. It was a special day and I am thankful for it, but as I put my flags away this morning before the rain comes, I am finding myself excited to put them up again.
I want to encourage us all (and I include myself in this) to love our wives and husband passionately every day. Treat them special, not just on their birthday or Valentine’s Day, but every day. Show your pride in this great country. We are not perfect, and there are a ton of issues that we don’t all agree on, but we are a great nation that does great things. And most importantly, remember what God did for you, and what Christ does, and can do for you, if you have a relationship with Him.
Love as hard as you can, be proud of where you live, and draw closer to Christ with every ounce of life you have.