Don’t be mad at me for saying this, but the summer is over and the cooler weather should start coming soon!! I have played a lot of concerts in non-air conditioned cathedrals and done my share of outdoor concerts and I can surely say, I am thankful fall is coming. There is nothing fun about sweating through your clothes halfway thru your first song of an hour concert. NO FUN AT ALL !!!!
This summer has been good in ministry and we have continued to see people come to Christ at almost every concert. Over a thousand people so far this year have come to Christ at the doors God has opened for this ministry. We are excited about the rest of this year and very excited that most of next year’s tour schedule is done in which we will be all over sharing God’s love with people in every corner of this country. 2020 has two international trips in the works and we are working hard to see those come together.
Please continue to pray that God will meet the needs of this ministry to allow us to continue to spread the Gospel and meet the needs of our family so we can be focused on the job ahead and that’s reaching more people than ever before.

Thank you for your time,