All of the “ministry updates” and “what’s new” columns that I write are all about this ministry and how God uses us in awesome ways. If you ever really pay attention to how I write, you will always notice that I very rarely ever say “I” or “me”. God has truly blessed this ministry through the years and we wouldn’t even exist if it weren’t for His blessings.  We are humbled to be doing His will through the talents He has given us. But there is another blessing that God has given me, and it is my wife. It is not her birthday, it is not our anniversary, and it is not even a special occasion in our lives right now – but today, I want to tell you about Kelli and how she has been such a big part of this ministry.
Yes, it is me on the stages playing my trumpet and traveling all over the world, but I would not be anywhere without Kelli’s support. Through the years I have left home for long tours and trips. At times, I have left her for a few days, and other times for weeks and/or months. She gets phone calls from me when I have issues and trouble on the road, and immediately kicks in to help me when I am hundreds or thousands of miles away. She runs the ministry office, takes care of the details of most of our concerts, and she keeps up with our house and the needs of our kids.
Most every married man thinks they have a great wife, well……..I think I have the best. Not many people know her like I do, and I am truly a blessed man. Chiz Rider Ministries may have my name, and it may be centered around the use of a trumpet – but without my amazing wife and my great family, Chiz Rider and Chiz Rider Ministries is not, and would never be what it is.
God has always provided for us, and I know He always will, but I know the greatest thing that He provided for me was my wife. So, my ministry update this month is just putting a spot light on my strength, my love, my best friend and my ministry partner, Kelli Rider!!