Things here at Chiz Rider Ministries are going well. The calendar is filling up for our 2020 year and we are working on and practicing many new things for our concerts.
The Rider family is good but we are definitely at a different stage in life right now. Kaitlin and Chase both have full time jobs and Chase’s schedule has him working mostly in the evenings. Ryan works part time and keeps up with his junior year of high school, while Brooke is also in school and has theatre practice in the evenings. All of that added up with Kelli’s and my schedules and the ministry’s schedule, it is REALLY hard to get all of us together at the same time and it stinks. I know “its life” but I do wish things could slow down sometimes. At this stage in life, it really makes me focus on my priorities in life.
Life has changed a lot through the years. My family has grown up, Kelli and I are not 20 anymore. She has grown more beautiful and my waist line has grown bigger. This ministry has even changed in many ways through the years too.
God is still leading this ministry to places all over the world. I am very excited to already be in February and see what He has done so far in 2019 and what He is going to do the rest of the year.
I am hoping to start putting the new things in our concerts in the next 3-4 weeks. Be sure to check out the schedule on this site and see when we will be near you and come out and see us soon.

Thank you for checking in and for your time,