My update this month is very simple……Things here at CRM are going well. God continues to open new doors to new places and continues to fill up our calendar with a lot of concerts all over the world. We have some international things scheduled and working to schedule more. 2019 calendar is full and the next two years are filling up fast. Now, most people would measure the success of this ministry based off of what I have just said. “The more shows, the more successful “right? Well……..just in the last few days, we have seen over 20 people except Christ. That is not success for us, but for the Kingdom of God. That is VERY COOL!!
It is my prayer that every day of my life God will use me and this ministry to reach as many people as possible. God has done some awesome things so far this year and I pray that we will see hundreds more people come to Christ this year.
Check out our schedule and see when we will be near you and come out and see one of our concerts.
Thank you for your time and for checking in,