What a great time of year. Even though it has been raining a lot, the flowers are still blooming and the weather is warmer. Fall is still my favorite time of year, but the summer is pretty nice.
Last week was Memorial Day and tomorrow is the remembrance of D-Day. I am blessed to be playing at a service tomorrow in Savanah Ga. and had the privilege to play some services on Memorial Day. I wish more people would take time during these two memorial days and pay their respects for the freedoms they have because of the sacrifices that were made for them. Can you imagine what this country would be like if we didn’t have our freedoms. Those freedoms did not come cheap. Those freedoms came with the high cost of thousands and thousands of lives.
There is another freedom that we can have. It is freedom from sin and eternity in hell. It too came with a cost. That freedom came only because Christ paid for it on the cross. He died for you and He died for me. There is no other way to have freedom from sin then to have a relationship with Christ. He paid the price for you and me and all you have to do is receive Him as your Savior and you will then have the greatest freedom a person can have. Find out more about this relationship with Christ by clicking on “ True Salvation is just a click and prayer away” on the upper right hand corner of our website (chizrider.com).
I am so blessed to live in a country that I am able to share Christ wherever and whenever I want. I can travel all over this country and share the Gospel with whomever I want. I have that freedom because so many died to give me that freedom. I am also blessed because I know where I will spend eternity when I die and right now, even though I am not even close to being perfect, I know that I am forgiven of my sins and that God loves me. I have that assurance and the freedom of sin because of the cost Christ paid on the cross.
I pray that we all take the time to remember how we got these freedoms we have in this country and take the time to know how you got or can get freedom from sin.
Thank you to all who have served or who are serving this country. Your sacrifices are a blessing to all of us.
Thank you for checking in and for your time,