I love this holiday! I am a very proud American and I truly love this country. My one regret that I have in life is that I did not serve in the military. I wish I could have, but God lead us into full time ministry and for a few health issues, there is no way they would have taken me anyways.
For this whole week you see more flags than any other time of year. You see people’s pride in this country and you see people celebrating our independence and freedom we have as a country. That is so cool.
Just as I wrote in my last “What’s New” in June, we as Christians have another freedom we get to celebrate. It is the freedom of sin. We can all have that freedom when we believe and receive Christ as our Lord and Savior.
This week we should all remember how awesome America is and how we are blessed to live in such a great country. The love we have for this country should never just come on a certain day of the year but be a pride we carry every day we live out our freedoms.
But WAY more importantly then thinking of this country, we should remember the freedom we have from sin because of what Christ did for us on the cross. America is beautiful and is the home of the free, but heaven will be so much better, better than anything we could possibly imagine. That is the promise we have in a relationship with Christ.
Enjoy and celebrate your freedoms you have in this country and celebrate and enjoy the freedoms you have in your relationship in Christ.
If you don’t have a relationship with Christ, click on “True Salvation is just a click and prayer away” on the upper right hand corner of this website and start a relationship with Him today.
Happy 4th. Thank you for your time and for checking in,