It is hard to write a “what’s new” when there is not much going on. All our concerts since March 15 have postponed until next year. We did a concert last weekend (May 31) and it was SO great to be back out spreading the Gospel. We have a concert scheduled for the end of this month and then (as of now) the second half of July is busy as well as the rest of the year. We are just taking our calendar day at a time.
The whole world is just really weird right now. First it was the virus and now racism and riots are taking the spotlight. So many people turn to social media to get their voice heard. I think everyone that posts a video or written rant wants their words or video to really touch people and be the encouraging word everyone needs to hear. Well, the best word to combat the fear people have for the virus, the best word to overcome racism, hatred, discrimination and un-fairness, the best word to have and use in EVERY situation you get in in life……..It’s Jesus.
Jesus is love, kindness, healing….He is everything. He doesn’t look at you and judge you for your health, your wealth, your achievements, the job you have and he certainly doesn’t judge you for the color of your skin.
Can it really be that easy? Yes, Jesus is the answer to everything in this life and for all eternity.
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Thank you for your time,