For years and years my “what’s new” updates have been about how the ministry has been doing. I always talk about how we normally do 260-280 concerts a year and I always love to share how God uses this ministry to lead people to Christ. Last year alone we saw a little over 2000 people accept Christ as their Savior. This year is WAY different. Since March 15th, we have done 12 concerts. It has been very hard in many ways. I know a ton of people who are dealing with similar things in their life, so I don’t want this post to be anything but an encouragement because of what I want to share today.
My joy that I want to share is that in a recent concert I was able to lead a young couple to Christ. Now some will read this and be a “glass is half empty” type person since our numbers are so much lower this year, but I have always been the opposite kind of person. That couple now has a place in heaven for eternity and that is something to praise God for. Are the numbers so far this year on track? Nope. Are we going to do as many concerts this year like we have in years past? Not even close. Are we doing well financially? Hahaha, no! Is the ministry as effective as it has been the last few years? Yes.
I say yes to that last question because it is not about numbers. It is not about beating last years number and having a higher number then before. It is all about being effective in every opportunity we have.
Before we got shut down for this virus, the ministry was very blessed to have been having a good year up until March 15th. We saw many people accepting Christ and had a lot of concerts for the rest of the year and most of 2021 calendar filled up. Now……. things are really different.
But what that recent couple that received Christ represents is a HUGE encouragement to us to continue what we are doing even in crazy hard times like this. At the end of this year when I post a “what’s new” to recap the whole year, I may only be able to talk about a fraction of the concerts we normally do, but what I can talk about is the people from January through March and the recent couple that changed their lives for eternity because God used this ministry to deliver that message. What a blessing!! Please pray with us that our upcoming concerts will remain on the calendar so we can deliver the Gospel to those people.

Thank you all for checking in and for your time,