Half the month is gone, and I realized I did not do a “What’s New” for November yet!! I am very excited to be able to say that we have concerts in December!! Since March we have had a concert here and there, but December is half full and we are grateful for that. Christmas concerts are so much fun. The music is fun to play, I get to make fun of Hallmark movies and I get to share the Gospel and about the birth of Christ. It is a win win!! All of you Pennsylvania people, please check out our schedule and see if we are close and then come out and see a Christmas concert. It would be great to see a lot of you.
The other news is that we will be posting our 2021 schedule on our website very soon. Normally, we would be 100% done with 2021 by now and actually be scheduling 2022, but obviously things are different right now. 2021 still has a ton of holes for us to fill, but we are excited about what we already have booked and are looking to fill up the rest of the year with whatever God puts in our path.
I have always been an optimistic, glass is half full kind of guy. I always like to look at the positive instead of the negative. The negative right now is that things are still crazy with COVID-19 and some places are either shut down or thinking about shutting down again with the spike in cases that occurred recently. The positive right now……the Gospel needs spread. The Hope, the Salvation, the Comfort, the Love, the Everything that we need, we get in the Gospel. Join us in praying that we can get back on the road as soon as we can to spread that message to as many people as possible.

Thank you for your time and for checking in.