Next week, February 14th, is Valentines Day. I’ll be honest… it is my least favorite holiday of the year. To me, it shows the complete failure in relationships. If people need a “special” day to help them remember how to treat their spouse, girlfriend, or boyfriend, then we have failed in a major way. I am not perfect, and my marriage is not perfect, but every day and every minute I spend with my wife is special. I always hold the door open for her. I take the best care I can of her. I tell her she is beautiful and that I love her several times a day. We still go out on dates, and when I am away from her, I cannot wait to see her again.
If you need a day like Valentines Day to remind you to treat your spouse the way you should be treating them EVERYDAY, then you really need to fix that.
But now, let us look at our relationship with Christ. What do you need in your life to remind you to seek God and to get closer to Christ? For some people, they need a holiday like Christmas or Easter. Other people need an event in their life like a loss of a loved one, a financial problem, an illness, or some other problem that they seek God for. Some people need a weekly trip to church to remind them about their relationship with Christ.
One of those descriptions describes us at some stage in our life, but that is not what Christ wants. He wants a daily walk with us. He wants to be in every aspect of our lives, not just when we think we need Him, but all of the time.
This time of year (because of Valentines Day) reminds me of a ton of great classic love songs. I am also reminded of an oldie but a goody that I play at some of my concerts – “Just a Closer Walk with Thee”.
Do not wait for a holiday to remind you to get close to God. Don’t even wait for your Pastor to remind you every week. Get close right now, and work as hard as you can on your relationship with Christ so you can be as close as possible.
Thanks for your time and for checking in.