Everything is created for a purpose. Some things are obvious as to what they were created for, and others… not so much. Look at hairless cats – what the heck are they for? I would NEVER question God and anything that He has created, but I really would like to know what He was intending there. To be honest, those things are on a very short list of things that freak me out.

This ministry was definitely created for a purpose. It is to bring the Gospel to as many people as we possibly can. That is our purpose. Not to entertain, not to travel the world, and not to play music. As things are rebuilding from a year of Covid, and as we are doing more concerts, we are so excited to see the Gospel working in people’s lives.

What we are seeing (and something that I am excited about) is hearing about people that are watching our concerts online and responding to the Gospel through Facebook, YouTube, or a church’s website. How we are following up with those people is a new challenge, and even though live attendance is still lower than what it was in 2019, the Gospel is still at work!! How AWESOME is that?!?!

Not too long ago, were doing a concert at a church that we had been to before. In the past, the sanctuary would have been full. This time, it was about 30% full, but people were watching online. Toward the end of the service, I presented the Gospel and no one at the church responded that day. About two weeks later, the Pastor emailed us to tell us an entire family and another individual had contacted the Pastor to tell him they had received Christ the day of our concert.

I praise God everyday for being able to serve Him. Seeing people respond to the Gospel has nothing to do with us or a trumpet -it has everything to do with God using this ministry for a purpose. This ministry exists to share the Gospel with as many people as we possibly can, and we are SO blessed to serve in that way.

Keep your hairless cats at home, but checkout our schedule and come out to a concert when we are close to your area. It would be great to see you!

Thanks for your time and for checking in,