I don’t have to write anything about our country and this world being in rough shape right now, because everyone reading this already knows that. There is so much going on everywhere! But I have the solution to it all. I have the answer to all of the worlds problems…..literally! It’s LOVE!!
I am sure that a ton of people just rolled their eyes when they read that, but it is very true. It is so important and is such an answer to all things that even Christ Himself said it was the most important commandment.
Things here at the ministry are going ok. “Ok” means somethings are not good and somethings are good. The not good things are it seems like churches are slowing down again because of the rise in Covid cases right now. It makes things hard for us when concerts on our schedule are constantly moving and rearranging our calendar. But the good side of things are seeing people who come to our concerts respond to the Gospel and change their lives to follow Christ.
I am so blessed to be part of this ministry. I am so blessed to have been given the talent that I have and always love serving churches and people in anyway I can. I love it all. But the struggle right now for me is wanting to be out much more then what we are, so we can spread the Gospel.
The answer to this world problems and most people’s problems can be solved with love. Love is shown in a perfect way in the Gospel. I want to share that with as many people as this ministry can possibly do. Please pray that things will not only stop closing again but will open up and we will be flooded with opportunities to share the Gospel with this ministry.
Thank you for your time and for checking in,