The fall is my favorite time of year. I LOVE the cooler weather and all the colors in the trees. It is an awesome time of the year to be in the woods. It is so cool to see the seasons and the world just do its thing.
Conversations that people are having now a days seems like the world is ending in a few minutes ora few days and maybe it is. But seeing God’s creations just do their things, unaffected by what is going on in this world is so cool.
There are so many times that we get so wrapped up in the difficulties and problems of this world that we often don’t see God in EVERYTHING around us.
I love and often remind myself of the verse in Hebrews 13:8. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.”
How cool is that to know He is the constant, the consistent, the confidence and the conclusion to our lives and everything around us. I am so thankful that God, the Creator of everything gave us His Son to make a way for us to get near Him. And I am thankful that He doesn’t change because of this world but remains the same so we can have the confidence in following Him.