I was making dinner in our kitchen a few weeks ago and one of my kids told me that it smelled good. I said “thanks, but I don’t smell it right now because I’ve been cooking it for so long, I have just gotten immune to the smell. It’s like cooking a frog!” Well, the whole family looked at me and wondered what in the world I was talking about. I was AMAZED that they have never heard the analogy of how to cook a frog.
So here it is… If you take a frog and throw it in a boiling pot of water, it will just jump out, but if you take that same frog and gradually turn the water temperature higher and higher, you will eventually, cook the frog. Now just relax!! I’ve never done that, nor do I know anyone that has. It’s just an illustration to show how people can slowly become so immune to things that they don’t realize the danger around them.
Today, my “What’s New” is about our immunity to Christmas. Christmas has become all about schedules, busyness, gifts, food, decorations and SO MUCH MORE. We are all so wrapped up in the busyness of Christmas that we now see Christmas from the world’s perspective. We no longer celebrate Christmas for the one reason it was actually intended for. These changes to the Christmas season have slowly evolved over decades of changing from its original purpose, to what it has become now. We haven’t seen or recognized that it has changed because we have slowly “cooked ourselves” into this new way of celebrating Christmas.
My short message isn’t anything that you haven’t already heard many times, but today I pray that as you read this, it will sink in and change the way you look at Christmas. Change your focus from it being all about you to all about God and the gift that He gave us, His One and only Son. The gift of His Son, Jesus Christ who lived His life sinless and died so you and I can have the greatest gift this world has ever seen……. Salvation!!
Salvation may seem like a strange word to some people, but it means freedom from all the things you that have done wrong in life, and it’s an assurance of where you will spend eternity.
For more information on that assurance and how to receive it, go to chizrider.com and go halfway down our home page and click on “True Salvation is just a click and prayer away.”
Merry Christmas everyone!! I pray this Christmas will be a blessing to all of you.