Happy New Year Everyone!!!

New Year resolutions. I literally despise them!! I know that a ton of people make them and try to live by them, but for most people that make a resolution, they just don’t last. I find that a lot of resolutions are so self-absorbed – making more money, eating better, less stress, losing weight and the list goes on.
As followers of Christ, I think we should be truly looking at our lives every day and making the necessary changes needed to help us get closer to Christ. I am not talking about the things that the world says are important (such as your clothes, your weight, and your outward appearance, etc.). I’m talking about the changes to help the inner “you” that no one else knows. These changes don’t have to be complicated; they can be as simple as setting aside time to pray, reading your Bible on a daily basis, and thanking God every day for His grace and mercy. The more time you spend getting to know Him, the more you will see Him making a change in you – and others will see it too.
As we start this year, I encourage all of us to look at our relationship with Christ and find ways to get closer to Him every day of our lives.

Thank you for checking in and for your time,