Hello!!! I hope everyone reading this is doing great and enjoying the sunshine and colorful things growing outside right now!!!
Things here at the ministry are going well. We are certainly not back to pre-covid numbers but are getting closer and closer every month. I have had several small tours and was SO excited to be “back” at it! I love any concert I get an opportunity to do, but short weekends with 2-3 shows is way different then a 10-14 day tour with 2-3 concerts a day. Those tours are hard, but AWESOME!!
When I write these “What’s New” columns, I always want to write something that encourages people or helps people get on the right path, or even better…Help people begin a relationship with Christ.
Today, my word to everyone is epic, its powerful, it’s the best thing you could ever hear and it’s a message just for you……. You are loved!!! You are loved by the creator of the universe, the creator of this world, the creator of everything around you, and the One that created you.
That may seem like an ordinary statement but take a minute to think about that. Let it sink in and then go live this day knowing that. Then live the rest of this week knowing that. Then, live the rest of your life knowing that. God loves you!!!
Thank you for checking in and for your time. Have a blessed day!