Happy 4th of July Everyone!!!!

I love this holiday and what it stands for!!
I ran into someone the other day that said this year was going to be a horrible 4th of July because of all the junk going on in this country right now. Well……I disagree. Yes, there is A TON going on in this country right now that makes things very hard for all of us. There are decisions that have been made and decisions that are being made that are dividing us more then ever before. Anything and everything from guns, freedoms, debt, laws and so much more that are affecting us right now and for generations to come. There is no way I am writing this to debate anyone or any topic. Assume my side of things all you want, it’s not what this is all about.
Kelli and I have been married for over 26 years now. I love her with every fiber in my body. I would do anything for her and protect her to my last breath. Through 26 years of being married, we have been through a ton of things, good and bad, difficult, and easy. Through the bad and difficult times, I never loved her any less, I never wanted to quit on her….ever!!! As a matter of fact, when things got tough, I wanted to work harder to make things better.
As I sit here and compare my love for this country to the love I have for my wife, there are many similarities and many differences. But one thing that is the same, is that my love for this country does not differ. I may not always agree where things are heading or who is leading us in that direction, but my love for this country doesn’t change. I may see wrongs and mind-blowing decisions that are being made away from where I pray this country should go, but my love for America never fades. I see heartless, horrible acts from people that are born and raised in this country, but I still love the United States.
There is certainly a lot I would love to change and see this country heading in different paths with different things, but I still love and feel so blessed to be a American and live in this awesome country. As we take time to celebrate America this 4th of July and how blessed we are to live here, let us not take these few days to argue or separate ourselves even more, but unite over the opportunities, freedoms, and blessings we have living in the greatest country in the world.

Have a blessed and awesome 4th of July everyone!!