I am so excited to see the Gospel work through this ministry. There are times that I can’t see things working and certainly don’t imagine the Message getting to certain people….and it does!!! God is SO awesome!
A few days ago, was just one of those examples of the Gospel cutting through like a double-edged sword and touching a person’s life in a major way. I really can’t share details but pray that God will continue to work in this person’s life and continue to change this person in a great way.

Encounters like that, really put things in perspective for me. Right now, I’m sitting in the office focused on filling up our calendar and other people around this country are focused on their jobs and staying busy. What is truly important? As a Christian, that is a simple answer!! Love God, love people!!

Love God that you want to share everything you know about God to everyone you meet. And love people, that you NEVER judge them, but see them like God does and want to help everyone by sharing the Gospel with them.

Some people may not look like you. They may live a totally different lifestyle. But they are still God’s creation. It’s time to stop drawing lines in the sand and condemning and judging everyone. It’s time to spread God’s love more then we ever have.

Imagine what this world would look like if all of us shared the Gospel with just one person today and that person responded? Imagine if we did that every day!! The world would certainly not look the way it does right now.

Love God…Love people!!

Thanks for your time and for checking in.