Do you know they have a holiday for EVERTHING!!! Not just the “normal” ones we have on the calendar, but they seem to have a day for pretty much anything you can imagine. National doughnut day, national left-handed day, national siblings’ day, and one of my favorites…. national ice cream day.
Those of you that follow our ministry close and read these updates on a regular basis, know that I often get frustrated with holidays. I get frustrated with certain holidays because people are “reminded” to act a certain way, due to a holiday, or do certain things, due to a holiday. As we are now in November, my tone of frustration focuses on how people are already focusing on…what they are thankful for.
I think we should all try to go through all the holidays several times A DAY.
Here are some examples…..

Valentine’s Day: loving our spouse and treating them special, not just one day a year, but all the time.
Thanksgiving: Thinking of all the things we should be thankful for every day.
Memorial Day: Remembering those who died for our freedoms we have in this country every day!
Veterans Day: Remembering those who are and who did serve this great country to protect our freedoms.
Christmas: Remembering the Greatest Gift God gave us……His Son
Easter: Remembering what Christ did for you and me, so we can be saved from our sins.

All these holidays and many more are important for us to remember and think about, not just one day a year, but everyday of our lives. A lot of those holidays’ focus on our lives here on this earth, but Christmas and Easter focus on our eternal lives. And if that isn’t something you think about and are thankful for everyday of your life…. then you really don’t understand what they are truly about.
If you don’t know what those holidays are all about, visit our website at and click on “True Salvation is just a click and prayer away” link halfway down our home page on the right.
I certainly don’t want to come across as a holiday scrooge – I’m not. I just strongly feel we should be recognizing these “holiday moments” everyday of our lives; especially the ones that have to do with our eternal lives!!

Thank you for your time.