If anyone could go back years and years and read my ministry updates this time of year, they would have read that I loved the Christmas season because it always seems that “people are extra nice this time of year”. Well….have things changed. People are not that nice anymore. There are the shoppers that will literally cut your throat if you pick up the last item on the shelf that they are there for, or they will legit run you over to get ahead in line. You also have your “on-line” shoppers that just don’t want any human contact with other humans or are just too busy to go to stores. There are a lot of other types of people out there, but whatever types they are, very few of them have the extra kind heart that made this season extra special like it was many years ago.
What has happened? What can we do?
Both of those questions are very simple to answer, but for some reason, we ALL fail to live out the right answers to those questions.
What happened? God and Christ’s love has been removed more than ever in this world.
What can we do? Give everyone we meet a sample of the GREATEST GIFT they can ever receive. Show them God’s love in absolutely everything you do. When they see the difference in your life, they will wonder why and that is when you share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with them.
The Church is not a building you go to every Sunday, it is the body of believers in this world. It is all of us that believe God gave us His one and only Son, Jesus. We believe Jesus lived a perfect life and died on the cross to be the perfect sacrifice for the things you and I do wrong in our lives every day. We believe that the story of Jesus continued when 3 days later He rose from the grave, defeated sin and defeated death, then ascended into Heaven where he sits on the right hand of God and speaks on our behalf to God Himself for anyone that believes in Him.
That ladies and gentlemen is the greatest gift this world has ever seen and ever will see, and it’s a gift that we should all be sharing to as many people as we can.
You want to be a huge part in “fixing” this world? Spread the Gospel. Not only should we spread the Gospel, but we should also live it. When you live it, you can’t do anything then be happy and shine God’s love in the things you do.
Let’s all try to shine God’s love this season and not only do that in December, but the rest of the days of our lives.
If you don’t have a personal relationship with Christ today and want to begin one, simply go to our website at chizrider.com and go halfway down our home page until you see “True Salvation is just a click and prayer away” on the right-hand side of the page, and you can begin a relationship with Him today.
Merry Christmas Everyone!!