I have NEVER been a fan of New Years Resolutions!! It seems like a ton of people set some kind of goal in their life and then a few days, weeks or even a month later, just go right back to their normal routine. Whether it be, less cell phone time, weight loss, eating better, calling mom more often or whatever…. people are just use to their own routines and find it hard to change or break away from their norm.
That said….I do have some goals that I would love to see Chiz Rider Ministries do in 2023. I want to share the Gospel with more people than we ever have before, and I want to love people more then I ever have.
Turn on the TV, read a news story, get on social media or just talk to your neighbor and you hear and see how hard and bad things have gotten all around the world. Well…. I have the solution to it all.
Christ is the answer to ALL the world’s problems. Really…think about it.
War, sickness, divorce, broken families, poverty, social issues, and so much more can be solved with Christ’s love and a relationship with Him. Say whatever you want, come up with some scenario that you think won’t be solved with Christ and I’ll point that scenario back to Him.
I had this conversation with someone the other day and they said, “Christ’s love couldn’t have stopped Covid”. I see his side of that, and I will say that Christ’s love would have not stopped the sickness itself, but it would have and will give hope to the hopeless, it will give confidence to the dying and an understanding of love and belonging to everyone with and without Covid or any disease or sickness.
Maybe you’re not sure how to share the Gospel with someone. Well then, there is something else you can do until you have that opportunity or learn how to share the Gospel. Simply love God and love people.
The bible itself is packed with a ton of stories, information, and guidelines of how we are to live our lives. Some books of the bible are very easy to read and understand and then there are others that are hard to read and understand. But let me give you the “cliff notes” of the whole bible……Love God, Love People!!
Don’t take on some worthless News Years resolution that you know you won’t keep, and don’t take on my goal as yours unless you’re ready for the change it will make in your life and others around you.
Let this be a year we all do more to change this world. To do that, we need to share the Gospel, show God’s love in everything we do, and in doing both of those things, let’s watch the world change!! That goal, is much better then any New Years resolution anyone can come up with!!

Thanks for your time and for checking in,