Presidents’ Day was a few days ago. I watched a documentary about Presidents and their “ great “ speeches. It was a cool show that showed clips as far back as technology would allow of many different American Presidents and their moments of greatness in their speeches.
It dawned on me that no matter what political side of the isle they were on, or what they were talking about, they just wanted to make an impact and have “that great speech “ or that “ great sound bite” that everyone would remember or be impacted by.
I think Pastor’s and many people in ministry are the same way. Whether they preach, blog, do social media posts or whatever, they want what they are saying to reach people and make an impact in someone’s or many people’s lives. I won’t lie, I know that when I write some of my “What’s New” posts, I am hoping they reach out and change people.
But today….. I am recommending something WAY better than anything I can write. It’s better than any sermon, blog, social post, or anything else out there. It’s the WORD Of GOD!!!
That’s it……..I really have nothing else to say right now, because God’s word says it all. Open it up today, read it, live it and share it with as many people as you can.
Have an awesome and blessed day.