Is it sad when I have to be out on tour to have a little rest and relaxation time? The last several weeks has been a huge roller coaster of craziness. Some of you may know that my father was diagnosed with an untreatable type of cancer several weeks ago. Since then, he has had several procedures and operations to remove the tumors. They removed a large tumor around his heart and one on his lung. They want to keep an eye on him throughout the year, but besides recovering from everything and getting his strength back, he should be out of the woods for now.

A lot of friends and family have helped to care for him as he recovers and all of the people praying for him has been huge. Dad has always been there for us, so its pretty cool to be able to be there for him now.
We had a ten day tour down south that went very well, it was hard being away from everything going on back at home, but things went great on both fronts. On our tour we had nine shows in ten days and more importantly, we saw some lives changed for Jesus. I have two weeks at home now with just quick weekend shows but hopefully in this down time, we can begin to gear up for our crazy next few months. I also hope in these two weeks, that dad can gain his strength back and begin to get back in the swing of things himself. Please pray for my father and for our ministry as we travel coast to coast in the next few months. Thanks for your time.