I know that God has a purpose for everything in life, but I have a hard time seeing that purpose sometimes. I would really like to know why we have vehicle problems every spring during our western tour. We had no health problems, no injuries, the concerts were great, the turn outs were great, people accepted Christ, and even more renewed their relationship with Christ at the concerts, only one sound problem, but vehicle wise; we got our cans whipped yet again.

This year’s damage was two separate things; first, we ran into a nasty hail storm. It caused some damaged to the hood and roof of the truck and also shattered our roof vents on the trailer. Second, wouldn’t ya know – the hitch fell off again. To be honest, it’s really not that bad. God totally blessed us this trip. We avoided being in the path of a tornado by just 3 or 4 miles, so the hail damage is better than death. Believe it or not, the hitch broke off the truck less then a mile from my house on the way home. If it would have happened anywhere else, we would have been in trouble.

The western trips are always tough for some reason, but the way I see it, God was in control. He protected us from a tornado and held the hitch on long enough to get us home. He then exposed U-hauls lack of washers in their assembly of hitches that eventually pulled the bolt heads right through the steel that it was attached to.

The best part of this tour was is the outcome of everything we have just been through; the weather, the setups, the tear down, the thousands of miles, the sleepless nights, the tech troubles, the time away from my wife and kids is all worth it because lives were changed and the Kingdom of God now has a few more reservations!

I like challenges and being on my ‘A game’, but I only welcome the challenges with God on my side. Some people tell me my problems are the devil trying to distract and discourage us. If that’s right…….bring it on baby, cause my eyes are on the prize! I know who wins in the end, and the devil can’t do anything to me because God is on my side!