We’ve been off of the road for 3 week already and are just now starting to get caught up in the office. I know that some people don’t understand every aspect of this ministry and what goes on behind the scenes; Some people think that I show up to churches, play a few songs, and then go home and sit around waiting for our next concert. That is not the case at all. There is a lot of planning that goes into each concert. We have itineraries, promotional materials, arrangements that need to be made, and then financial paper work after each show. All of that adds up pretty quickly when we are doing over 250 concerts a year. Booking is a whole different part that takes hours a day when we are at home. I tried to book a few shows while I was on the road, and after coordinating with Kelli in the office, I found that I had double booked some things. Oops!

The above paragraph is not a complaint, but a request from me to you. Please help us by praying for Kelli and I, that we can do the job of keeping up with everything and not losing our focus on what’s really important – our relationship with each other, our family, and most importantly – with God.

Our ministry operates mostly in churches, and during the summer months most churches clear their schedules a bit to get ready for the up-coming holiday events. Since the churches aren’t booking as much during the summer, our touring schedule will be slowing down a bit too. This will allow us to get everything ready for the fall tours and then the Christmas season. We are also 90% done recording our newest album and will be putting the final touches on it in the next few months.

The kids are counting down the last few weeks they have to be in school and we are anticipating a great summer together. It’s always great when the whole family can travel and participate in this ministry.

Thanks for checking in!