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Chiz and his son Chase playing a duet at a concert !!!!

Chiz and his son Chase playing a duet at a concert !!!! Chiz and his son Chase playing a duet at a concert !!!!

Chiz In Guatemala

Chiz In Guatemala Chiz In Guatemala

Chiz with his green trumpet and green lights on the bell of the horn.

Chiz with his green trumpet and green lights on the bell of the horn. Chiz with his green trumpet and green lights on the bell of the horn.

Chiz at youth rally.

Chiz at youth rally. Chiz at youth rally.

Chiz playing at concert

Chiz playing at concert Chiz playing at concert

Chiz plays at a church in Arizona !

Chiz plays at a church in Arizona ! Chiz plays at a church in Arizona !

What’s New, February 24, 2012

Hello Everyone ! What a weird winter we have had here in Pennsylvania, barely any snow and temperatures in the 50s. That may sound good to some people, but I do miss the snow. I told Kelli the other day, that all I want is to get snowed in with the kids for just one day. I really enjoy those snow days and so do the kids. Oh well !!

The ministry is doing well, we always have slow January’s on the touring end of things, but the office is very busy booking concerts and working out tours. Now that we are just about to get into March, we have already done a few short tours and are excited to already see many people receive Jesus as their Savior. We have started some new music and done a few other new things in our concerts and are also excited to see the response from the congregations and people that come out to the concerts.


Our prayers and needs right now are focused on selling our bus and purchasing a newer truck for the ministry. My truck is definitely having some issues, it is very high on mileage and we just don’t have the confidence in it like we should. There are three different people looking at the bus right now, so please pray with us that we can sell it soon and that it would be a blessing to who ever buys it. Once that happens, we should be able to do something with a newer truck.


Another need we have, is to find someone to join me on the road. I have always had someone with me in the past and want to continue to do so. The long hours of driving, the setups and teardown get a little hard sometimes by myself. I have had to carry less equipment the last few months, because I cannot operate it by myself during a concert. I would love to be able to kick up our production level to where we were before if not more, but cant until I find a guy. Finances have to be there to make that happen along with the right guy.


Please also join us in prayer that we will see God do things with this ministry that we have never seen before. We want to be 100% God servants. Not 99.9%, but everything, all the time needs to be focused on Him. We are not after more concerts or bigger audiences, we are seeking to be the most we can be, for exactly what God want us to be.



Thanks for checking in,



What’s New, January 24, 2012

Here we go !!!    2012 is looking to be a good year. The schedule is full and more concerts are coming in everyday. We have some new really cool things we are doing in our concerts. New music with a possible new CD coming out this year and so much more. We saw a lot of people making decisions for the Lord last year, and we cant wait for God to use us this year. My prayer is that God will use us like He has never used us before. Our ministry, our lives, each other, our kids, our home, our everything, let it all be praise to You.

Our Christmas / New Years break was good, but seemed to go by sooooo fast. I love the time we get to spend as a family, just hanging out, playing games and having a good time. This month is always very busy in the office with concerts booking and trying to finish this years tours, it’s not very busy on the road side of things, but that all picks up in February.

Thank you to all of you who check in with us. Your prayers and encouragement have always helped us tremendously. We look forward to hearing from all of you and seeing you at out next concert in your town.



Thanks for checking in,



What’s New December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone !!!!


This year has definitely been a challenging year for us, but the results have been AWESOME. Our last concert will be December 18th but as of now, 423 people have made decisions to accept Christ as their Savoir this year. How cool is that.

We are so blessed to be doing what we are. Being used by God to reach people is the best job on the face of the earth. Yes this year has been very hard, but we are 100% sure this is exactly where God wants us.

2012 is going to be great. Our schedule is packed, we have a lot of new things we are doing in concerts and we are looking forward to seeing and doing things we have never done before.

Please pray for God’s continued provisions for this ministry, pray that God will use us like never before and then check out our schedule and come see us when we’re close by. Thank you to all of you that have supported us this year and thank you to those of you who pray for us.

May God bless you and give you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!


Chiz and Kelli

What’s New November 29, 2011

We have our Christmas tree up, the house and yard decorated, and the Christmas music is playing. It’s such a fun time of year.

I would normally say that it’s now time to begin my Christmas concerts, but I have been getting requests for Christmas music since the beginning of October. But now marks the spot of the real Christmas shows. They are a lot of fun with the big band sounds and with the churches decorated. This time of year just has a different feel to it.

We have seen quite a few people responding to our News Letter that we just recently sent out. A lot of people have blessed us with donations, and covered us in prayer with our situation that we are in. It has been a huge encouragement to all of us here at Chiz Rider Ministries to see God use people to bless us in so many ways. We still have a large mountain in front of us, but we know that God is in control.

If you have never caught one of our Christmas concerts, please come out and see what they’re all about. In January we are working on changing many things in our concerts and will begin using the changes right away. The 2012 schedule is packed and we are looking forward to the best year we have ever had.

Thank you all for your prayers and support for this ministry. Because of many of you, just this year we have seen hundreds accept Christ and many others turn their lives around to follow Him. Please continue to support Chiz Rider Ministries in this next year. Together let’s blast the Gospel of Jesus Christ in as many places as we can.

Thanks for checking in,


What’s New October 21, 2011 —- Prayer Request

I love this time of year, it’s cooler and with all the leaves turning, it just makes some of our drives gorgeous. I like the summer, but I definitely like the cooler weather.

The ministry is very busy right now with a full touring schedule as well as a lot going on in the office. 2012 is filling up quickly and we have already booked many concerts in 2013 and a few in 2014. There has been a few churches that have had to cancel because of a lot of people in their congregation that have lost their jobs. So we pray for those churches and those people and know that God is always in control.

Kelli and the kids are doing great. Kailtlin is having a great year so far, she was a little nervous that this was her first year in high school, but she loves it and doing very well. Chase wishes he could be on the road with me and I wish he could, but he doesn’t really enjoy school like his sisters. I really wish a few things were different in life, then I would be able to have the whole family out with me all the time. Ryan is a little bit like Chase but does pretty good when he puts his mind to it. And Brooke LOVES kindergarten. She always pretends that she has homework like her big sister.

Kelli and I really appreciate those of you that have been praying for this ministry and for us. The financial situation that I shared on updates before has still not been resolved and we are approaching a strict deadline. The challenge is coming up with a large sum of money to cover a debt that is not ours or was not caused by us, but has become our responsibility. It is nothing that we were prepared for or anything that we planned, but it’s a huge task to over come because of our income. Kelli and I both work our tails off in this ministry, we put in a ton of hours each week to make things happen the way they do, so getting a part time job is not an option if we want to maintain this ministry at it’s current operation and with the doors that continue to open for us and the lives we have seen changed to date this year (over 375), we know we are doing exactly what we should. This whole situation is putting a huge amount of stress on us and if it’s not resolved by December, we may loose our house. Please pray that God will show us a way to resolve this, and pray for us as we deal with this challenge.

There is always a reason God puts things in our life. I want to learn from this experience and grow where and how I need to, but as a husband and a father, I want to resolve this now and provide for my family. God is in control and I know that, but I find that the waiting game is a very hard thing to do. Please pray !!!



Thanks for checking in,



What’s New September 30, 2011

Two updates in one month, that is not normal, but I thought I would get one more in before the schedule got crazy. As I said in my last update, we are hitting the studio and beginning a new CD. We will start on Thursday and hopefully finish half of the trumpet parts sometime on Friday. This project is not our normal kind of music. It is a collection of some old traditional hymns.

My father has been diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and has a limited time left with us. This new CD is a collection of his favorite songs that he himself picked. We have been very blessed by someone with a specific donation for this CD and it is an honor for me to do this for my father. Please pray that this whole project will come out soon, pray it will be a blessing to my dad and will be a sweet sound to Gods ears.

I mentioned a few months ago about a financial challenge placed before Kelli and I that was not our doing but has become our responsibility, well, we thought we were heading in a good direction but just haven’t gotten there yet. We have now been given a strict dead line and are feeling a lot of pressure from this right now.  Please, please pray with us to have this resolved very quickly. I know and have always known that God is in control, but as a human, it is very hard to sit back and wait sometimes.

I am so excited for what God is doing in the ministry with the schedule and in the concerts. We have seen over 350 people so far this year make decisions for Christ and its because of God’s Grace and you all praying for us on a regular basis. Please continue to help us out and come and see us when we are doing a concert close to you.


Thanks for checking in !!



What’s New September 2, 2011

Schools back in session, the office is booking concerts like crazy and the schedule starts to get busy now. I may sound like a sap when I say this, but I think I dislike school more then my older kids do. Its not that I don’t like it, but I get jealous of school because it almost feels like it takes my kids from me. Especially when they have been on the road with me all summer, I’m just going to miss them. Oh well !!

This fall is not the busiest we have ever been, but it’s a great full schedule that we are very thankful for. The office has gotten through the summer low and is now booking a lot of concerts for 2012 and 2013. I think that I’m most thankful for the cooler weather starting to come in. Fall is by far my favorite time of year. We will be in New England for two weeks just as the leaves are at their peak. It will be awesome.

There is a lot going on in the ministry right now. We are working on a new cd and will be hitting the studio in the next few weeks, we have a lot of new songs we are adding to our concerts and trying to save up a little money to purchase some new equipment for the road. Finances are always the challenge, but God has and always will provide.

With the new season of cooler weather comes another season of serving God with the talents He has given us. I am blessed in so many ways in life, and don’t ever want to miss the moment in life that I’m currently in, but I cant help to look forward to what He has in store for us in the future.


Thanks for checking in !!

What’s New July 22, 2011

Wow is it hot! The summer is always fun being able to do so much outdoors, but this heat lately has made it less enjoyable to be outside. I would rather play a concert in a blizzard then in this type of heat. I’m not kidding.

Even with that said, we have been having a lot of great concerts, indoors and outdoors. The office, as always this time of year has slowed down a bit, but that will start picking up in the next few weeks and the bookings will start coming in at a steady pace. I do like the slower and easier schedule that we have had the last month and a half, but I’m starting to get anxious to get back to the faster pace.

The family is awesome, we have been having such a great time together, playing, swimming and eating lots of ice cream. Chase has been out on the road with me for every concert and is turning out to be a huge help. I know I may sound like a proud father, but at the rate he’s learning and the type of work he does, he definitely has potential to be one of the best crew guys I’ve ever had.

God has been so good. Nobody knows what tomorrow holds, but I look forward to what that is. We have seen God work in a powerful way in our concerts this year so far and have seen close to 300 people make decisions to follow Christ. How cool is that? Please continue to pray for us as we approach a very busy time of year. Pray for safe travels, good health, safety for Kelli and the kids while we are gone and for the finances to continue this ministry. I never pray that God gives us a perfect life, but I do pray that God protects my family and I so we can all be focused on doing His work.

Thanks for checking in!!

What’s New June 22, 2011

The summer is here and its time for some fun in the sun !!! We have a lot of great things planned as a family and are already having a good summer. It may sound a little corny but when its time for the kids to go back to school, I almost get jealous that school now gets their time instead of Kelli and I. Oh well. We will enjoy them while we can.

The ministries schedule slows down a lot during the summer. All of our weekends are filled with numerous shows but the long tours just don’t happen this time of year for us. Our fall and winter are packed, but for the next two months, we are going to have a “normal” family life.

In my last update, we asked for some specific prayer for a certain financial challenge in our life. We know that God is in control and has a plan. There are a few things we are trying with hopes that they will work. Nothing is final yet, so please continue to pray, but we know that its in Gods hands. Thanks for checking in, keeping up and praying for our family and ministry. See ya soon.

What’s New. May 13, 2011

Summer is almost officially here. For us it doesn’t really begin until the kids are off of school, but we are close. I am currently on my last tour of the spring. The next three months will be just long weekends during the summer, but as I said in the last update, it is a great time to be a normal family and get caught up on projects with the gear, office things and of course my “honey do list” that has grown a lot in the last 7 and a half months.

The bus is not gone yet, we are still praying for its sale, but I haven’t heard from the buyer in a few weeks and its making me very nervous, so please join us in specific prayer that this will happen. And please also pray for Kelli and I as we face a very big challenge in our life. We have a personal financial challenge facing us that was placed on us, not by our doing but by certain circumstances in life. We have placed it at Gods feet where we know it needs to be, but as humans, its really hard not to worry about it.

The ministry has been very blessed with great concerts and a packed schedule. I am so thankful that God allows us the privilege to serve Him in this ministry. His hand is evident in so many ways. The other day I was home for two days trying to deal with this personal financial thing and feeling a little discouraged and just for a few moments I was wondering if I was really doing the right thing in life, was I truly doing the right job to provide for my family. Well, that short moment of doubt was interrupted by 6 separate phone calls in a thirty minute time by people calling in booking concerts. After that sixth  call I prayed and thanked God for His guidance and protection. The real funny thing was that the phone didn’t ring for the rest of the day after that. How cool is God!!!

It is so awesome to me that God uses certain people and certain things to spread His love. I am no one special at all. I have sin in my life and do really dumb things all the time. I listen to my own music and hear so many mistakes. But God uses me and a simple piece of brass to bring people to His arms. How honored are we, to be a part of that and how dumb can we sometimes be to think that any thing can stand in the way of that. Thank you to all of you who check in and pray for us. You are as much of a part of what we do as anyone. We couldn’t do it without you. Thanks for your time.

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